Insert Style
Fits 6.44" dia. Wheelabrator plate
Utilizes re-usable metal insert
Unit of Measure


Overall Length

N/A 57 "

No. of Bands

N/A 3

No. of Pleats

N/A 45

Area of Media

N/A 37 ft²

Outside Diameter

N/A 6 "

Metal Inserts with O.D.

N/A 7.5 "

Wheelabrator Plate Diameter

N/A 6.44 "

Max. Operating Temperature

N/A 200 °F

Media Options

N/A Conductive anti static (with ground wire) Metallized polyester Polyester with PTFE membrane Spun bonded polyester

Center Core Options

N/A Expanded metal Perforated metal Polypropylene



  • Improved filtration efficiency on sub-micron particulate (99.9% + on 0.2 to 2 micron)
  • Greater air handling capacity for existing installations
  • Improved filter life
  • Ease of installation, no cages required
  • Allows for the design of physically smaller units where space limitations exist
  • Reduces compressed air requirements
  • Increase filter area by 200-300%, resulting in lower filter ratios/and reduced operating pressure differentials