Heavy duty, rugged construction with 16 gauge perforated metal inner core. Notched rings secure the pleated wire assembly to the inner core. Filter media is sewn over the pleated wire assembly. Thick felt gaskets are attached with adhesive or sewn on. These elements are cleanable and can be factory reconditioned. Several options available including Backwash screen, Fin spacers and alternate metals and medias.
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10-10AK5 N/A RF1210
10-10K5 N/A RF1070
10-115K5 N/A RF1220
10-118K5 N/A RF1000
10-119K5 N/A RF3650
10-11K5 N/A RF1080
10-12K5 N/A RF1090
10-133K5 N/A RF1190
10-139K5 N/A RF1100
10-13K5 N/A RF1190
10-141K5 N/A RF1230
10-143K5 N/A RF1050
10-146K5 N/A RF3610
10-175K5 N/A RF1050
10-182K5 N/A RF1060
10-187K5 N/A RF1240
10-188K5 N/A RF1250
10-191K5 N/A RF1260
10-197K5 N/A RF3610
10-1K5 N/A RF1000
10-21K5 N/A RF1050
10-23K5 N/A RF3360
10-24K5 N/A RF1100
10-25K5 N/A RF1110
10-26K5 N/A RF3650
1 - 25 of 271 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure
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