• Cartridge Filters

    Fab-Tex Filtration manufactures a complete range of cartridge filters for dust collection and air pollution control systems. Our filters are designed to meet and exceed OEM specifications for construction and operation.  Skillfully crafted in a wide variety of sizes, replacement cartridge filters are available to fit almost all dust collection equipment available in the marketplace today.  Our customers first come to us for superior quality replacement filters at reasonable prices. They stay with us because they learn that we offer so much more than that. 

    With over 60 years of combined experience in the filtration industry, you'll find that we’re uniquely capable of tailoring our design and materials to match your specific dust containment needs. Our attention to customer service and interest in creating lasting relationships with our customers sets us apart from the pack.

    Fab-Tex Filtrations' dust collection filter cartridges are constructed to the highest standards to ensure they are robust and reliable and able to withstand the incredibly harsh environments to which they are exposed.

    With our filters, there's so much more than meets the eye.

    The following part numbers represent the most common configurations now available. Don't see what you're looking for? Fab-Tex is a custom manufacturer so other configurations are our specialty. Give us a call. Once we know your specific requirements, we'll get to work on a solution for you.

  • Pleated Filter Elements

    Pleated filter elements are designed to replace traditional filter bag/cage configurations in pulse cleaning dust collection systems. They offer many performance enhancements including increasing the area of filter media by 2-3 times that over typical bag/cage systems. This results in improved performance for existing systems, and/or the ability to reduce the physical size in the design of new systems. We offer variable pleat configurations to suit your specific operating conditions in terms of dust loading, nature of product handled, air volume requirements, etc. In addition, we can provide any technical advise you need in order to choose the proper configuration for your specific application.

    Pleated filter elements are available in a multitude of both top and bottom load configurations to fit most standard tubesheet and bag cup designs. In most cases, no collector modification is required.

    See our selection of standard sizes and call us for custom requirements if you don’t see what you are looking for.

    Benefits Include:

    • Improved filtration efficiency on sub-micron particulate (99.9% + on .2 to 2 micron)
    • Greater air handling capacity for existing installations
    • Improved filter life
    • Ease of installation, no cages required
    • Allows for the design of physically smaller units where space limitations exist
    • Reduces compressed air requirements
    • Increase filter area by 200-300%, resulting in lower filter ratios/and reduced operating pressure differentials
    Media Options:
    • Spunbonded Polyester - for operation up to 280 degrees F
    • Carbon Impregnated or Metalized for static control
    • PTFE Membrane Media for ultra high efficiency, non-stick surface
    • High Temperature Medias - Aramid and Ryton medias for operations up to 375 degrees F

  • Blower Filter - Air Intake

    Reliable and responsive, Fab-Tex Filtration provides an ever-expanding line of replacement Air Intake filter elements for most OEM equipment such as Dollinger, Consler, Endustra, Gardner-Denver, Shawndra Sparks, Sunshine, IFM and Universal.

    These elements are specifically developed to remove atmospheric dust from the air intake of compressors, blowers and engines. Our elements are carefully engineered to provide maximum air flow while offering high efficiency retention from. 3 to 200 microns. Thanks to our wide range of filter media, available for any installation, you'll find that Fab-Tex is the only supplier you'll need.

  • Filter-Bags.png

    Fab-Tex offers a complete line of superior quality replacement and custom filter bags designed to fit most manufacturers dust collector baghouses.

    A premier resource, Fab-Tex is proud to offer:

    • proven products with an established record of performance
    • filters that are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications
    • custom sizes and media options
    • a wide range of coatings and finishes

    For accurate measurements for your replacement order simply pull out one of your currently installed filters to measure flat width and length.

    In addition to the most often asked for filter bags, Fab-Tex is proud to supply custom filter bags for your specific application. We’re here for you!

    Simply call us with your requirements and we’ll be glad to suggest the best product for your needs.

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  • Air-Filter-Bag-on-Cage

    Fab-Tex Filtration has emerged as the premier resource for superior quality vacuum truck blower filters, filter bags and cages in North America. We demonstrate this by providing the best quality products available on the market - at prices that often surprise.

    Each of our Vacuum truck bags come with "Super Seal" snap band tops. This allows for a leak-proof seal, even under the highest pressure conditions. The "Super Seal" also prevents bag and cage assemblies from falling into the tank. Stock sizes are 4.7" diameter by 50" long, 60" long and 68" long. In addition to the stock sizes, a wide range of standard and custom sizes are also available.

    All of our bags are available in acrylic-coated or standard polyester felt with options available to use PTFE coated membrane media for hazardous dust applications where near zero emissions are required.

    For more information or to place an order, please call us at 1-888-932-2839. We're proud to be at your service.

  • Filter-Cages

    Fab-Tex Filtration is pleased to supply replacement cages to compliment our filter bag selection. Our cages are designed for stability under high pressure situations. Standard cages are epoxy-coated steel for rust and corrosion protection. We also offer cages manufactured from Stainless steel and Chrome plated options. Whatever your filter bag cage needs are, Fab-Tex can offer you a solution.  

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